A sequel to the award winning documentary,
Youth Out Loud!
released in 2000 - NOW IN PRODUCTION



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Youth Out Loud II

Sun & Moon Vision Productions’ documentary, Youth Out Loud! Addressing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Youth Issues in our schools, released in 2000, chronicled the real life stories of youth in high school, highlighting the bubbling surge of youth activism that initiated change from local school districts to state and federal laws. Unfortunately, since 2000, there has been little improvement in the school climate in regards to harassment and bullying directed at lgbt students in our schools. (View a 20 min. preview of Youth Out Loud! I)

Thanks to the generous funding from the Foundation for Change, San Diego Human Dignity Foundation, and Price - Galinson Collaborative Fund at Price Charities, SMVP is producing an up-to-date documentary film, Youth Out Loud! II, with an accompanying resource guide, to advocate for the safety of all students. Our other community partners thus far, include: San Diego Youth & Community Services, The Center and GLSEN, and PFLAG San Diego!

Behind the Scenes ::

Sun & Moon Vision Production commenses it's first HD production, Youth Out Loud! II . Here's a behind the scenes look at a recent film shoot. Take action today and join our community advisory board for YOUTH OUT LOUD! II please contact us.

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